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Stewart Baker, Michael Vatis, and Jason Weinstein discuss this week in NSA: The Senate Judiciary Committee has come up with a new version of the section 215 reform bill passed by the House; Glen Greeenwald discloses that the NSA has a limited intelligence sharing arrangement with Saudi Arabia; four senators express concern about NSA's overseas intelligence collection program; Sony settles its service-suspending hack for $15 million worth of free stuff for users; the 9/11 Commission issues a soft endorsement of "direct action" by private parties who are hacked; Vladimir Putin signs legislation to keep Russian data in Russia; The Washington Post explains that the FBI "Going Dark" is real; the President's plan to talk about drone privacy; and Congress votes to end DMCA protection for locked cell phones. In our second half we interview, Richard Danzig, former Navy Secretary, board member of the national security think-tank, The Center for a New American Security, and author of the paper Surviving on a Diet of Poisoned Fruit: Reducing the National Security Risks of America's Cyber Dependencies. The views expressed in this podcast are those of the speakers and do not reflect the opinions of the firm.

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