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Stewart Baker, Michael Vatis, and Jason Weinstein discuss this week in NSA: A federal judge in San Francisco announced that she was not willing to take the Justice Department's word that several FOIA'd FISA court opinions cannot be partially declassified and demanded that they be produced for in camera inspection; Crowdstrike outs another PLA hacker by name; the Chinese claim that the US government needs to provide more information about alleged Chinese hacking; and the DoD authorization bill is due to add a few more provisions tightening restrictions on China's IT sector; Microsoft's legal objections to getting a warrant for other people's data stored in Ireland; fourth amendment news: Wi-Fi moochers have no expectation of privacy, but how to treat location data stored by cell phone companies continues to drive the federal courts to distraction; a study that Stewart and Jim Lewis of CSIS unveiled last week on the cost of cybercrime; the West Virginia data breach doctrine; and the FCC catches up to the FTC and SEC in cybersecurity "nudge" regulation. In our second half we have an interview with Paul Rosenzweig, consultant at Red Branch Consulting, blogger for Lawfare, writer for the Homeland Security Institute, and lecturer for the Great Courses on Audible.

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