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In our twentieth episode of the Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Stewart Baker, Stephanie Roy, and Michael Vatis discuss Breaking News: American counterattack on Chinese cyberspying - the indictment of several PLA members for breaking into US computers to steal commercial information; this week in NSA: It turns out that telcos did challenge the 215 program; Glenn Greenwald's book claims that NSA considers Israel the most effective at spying on the US after China and Russia; Greenwald also says that NSA modifies equipment after it's been sold to make hacking easier; and Greenwald's book has now been leaked to Bittorrent; it looks as though LabMD is down to one lawsuit; the Justice Department released a statement that some kinds of information sharing don't violate the antitrust laws. Now it's put out a white paper saying that ISPs can release aggregate information about cybersecurity without violating the Stored Communications Act's prohibition on releasing customer information; net neutrality and the difference between Title II and section 706 as a basis for net neutrality; and the European Court of Justice's embrace of the "right to be forgotten" In our second half, we have an interview with Shane Harris, senior writer at Foreign Policy magazine, where he covers national security, intelligence, and cyber security. Shane's book, The Watchers, offered thoughtful insights into the rise of surveillance in America.

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