The Cyberlaw Podcast

Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis discuss this week in NSA: Al-Jazeera gets an exclusive on e-mails where google execs turn down NSA invitations and talk briefly about online security threats; the State Department's Coordinator for Cyber Issues; Oracle wins a Federal Circuit victory over Google, establishing that APIs can be copyrighted; New York State issues a short report on bank cybersecurity practices and promises to start asking banks about these practices in inspections; in other litigation, LabMD claims a victory over the FTC, and we interview LabMD's CEO, Michael Daugherty; the ACLU argues that criminal defendants who are acquitted should have no more privacy rights than those who are convicted; Zynga and Facebook get a reprieve from the Court of Appeals, but can face lawsuits under state law for breach of contract; and Snapchat finds itself exposed at the FTC. In our second half, we have an interview with Chris Painter, the State Department's Coordinator for Cyber Issues. Chris discusses norms in cyberconflict, MLAT reform, Brazil's recent Net Mundial conference, and much more.

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